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Signs of Elder Abuse

Learn How to Better Protect Loved Ones in Independence County

Care for the elderly is a noble cause that is usually delivered by compassionate people. Most of the time, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and rehabilitation facilities are safe places for people to live out their remaining years in peace. Unfortunately, when there is abuse present, it can go undetected due to the victim’s lack of knowledge or awareness. By learning to spot signs of abuse, you can better serve their well-being by staying aware of what is happening. If you believe your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect, call the Batesville nursing home abuse lawyer at Davidson Law Firm today.

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Types of Abuse

Seniors are not only physically unable to protect themselves — in many cases, they are also unable to understand what is happening to them due to problems like dementia. As the relative, you have the opportunity to be of help by being aware of what seems to be happening.

Abuse can come in many forms, including:

  • Negligence
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Psychological abuse

By being able to identify the symptoms of such problems, you can help protect their safety and their rights. Elder abuse is more common than we like to admit, so staying vigilant about the presence of signs of abuse can help you protect your loved ones.

Signs of Negligence

As a medical facility, nursing homes and other centers for elder persons are held to a high standard of care that requires constant oversight of their residents. Negligence occurs when medical staff fail to perform their required duties.

Signs of neglect can include:

  • Bed sores and sepsis brought on by the person spending long, uninterrupted periods in a bed
  • Dirty appearance, possibly caused by not being bathed in some time
  • Missing medical devices such as hearing aids, glasses, or dentures
  • Significant weight loss

Sexual Abuse Indicators

Unfortunately, the elderly can be victims to sexual abuse in nursing homes. These kinds of acts are often hidden by intimidation, meaning that they aren’t always likely to be reported. You can help your loved one by taking the time to inspect their clothing and body for any unusual signs.

These signs can include:

  • Torn clothing and underwear
  • Bleeding from anus or vagina
  • Unexplained bruises near the genital region

Psychological Abuse

Because elders are often unsure of what their situation ought to be, they can be confused easily. In some cases, nursing home staff take advantage of their impaired mental state to subject them to psychological abuse. As the signs of this kind of mistreatment often turn out to be fear-based, the symptoms will follow the same pattern.

Your loved one may be suffering psychological abuse if they are:

  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Withdrawn and frightened
  • Unable to sit still or appearing to be in a state of panic
  • Confused or depressed

How Davidson Law Firm Can Help

While these situations are terrible and tragic, holding the responsible parties accountable requires the help of an experienced legal professional. They must be brought to court for their actions. Our Batesville nursing home abuse lawyer understands how to use the law effectively to help courts penalize these individuals.

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